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Amanda Durrant

Stick People - Style 2 Body

Stick People - Style 2 Body


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Body Style 1

The perfect stick family is one you can customize! Our unique stick figure family metal stamps come with heads and bodies separate so you can design your family just the way you need it. Hand stamp stick figures with the appropriate attire for any time of year, with any gender, on anything from small blanks to Christmas ornaments and aby announcements! Our stick figure hand stamps were designed by Amanda Durrant, and we plan on adding to this set over the years! 

  • Adult Body stamp height without head: 6mm
  • Head stamp height: 2mm - 3.5mm
  • Total stamped image height: approximately 9mm - 10mm for adults
  • Shank size: 1/4" for all heads, wheelchair body, baby carriage, pets, kid and baby bodies
  • Shank size: 5/16" for all adult bodies
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